The wig addiction is real

Ever wished you could change your hair with the snap of your fingers?

Well many ladies and gentlemen think I’m nuts because I always say you can do it with the right type of wig.

I’m not talking about the cheap plastic looking wigs you can buy from the pound shop, nor the ridiculously expensive, natural hair wigs either. In my opinion, a heat-resistant synthetic wig does the magic but you need to make sure it’s a lace front wig at least. A hairline is the key to making it look natural.

Pinkish grey wig from

Some people might think it’s strange for me to promote the wearing of wigs when I’m a hairstylist and can get my hair coloured whatever colour I want, whenever I want. Well here’s the catch — your own hair has its limits. You just can’t keep colouring it then stripping the colour out every month as it takes a toll on the hair’s integrity and, in my opinion, it’s not worth it. So, my solution is to pamper my own hair with treatments, like Olaplex, every couple of weeks and, when I want a change, I get one of my wigs out and rock the day.

My latest addition to the haul of wigs is this pinkish grey wig from I’ve been itching to get this wig for a very long time and I’m so glad I got it when I did, because it soon went out of stock! The colour is exactly like the one shown on their website but the pictures I took didn’t do it any justice. It’s a very thick wig as well, which is actually hard to manage, but that’s a good thing! Most wigs start shedding at some point and it will last longer because there’s more hair.

Life lesson: If you want something—go for it. There’s no worse feeling than that of regret.

Gold Julian teddy (2015 edition out of stock) and sunglasses from Linda Farrow