Review: Double Wefted 24 inch #9 Ash Brown Extensions

Hi again guys, so I recently became a victim of a hair extensions scam site called (don’t buy anything that’s with the name Folihair in it) literally £55 went to the gutter. But fortunately as my birthday was coming up my boyfriend was a sweetheart and ordered me very nice double wefted extensions from

Ok, so I’ll speak a bit about my experience with Cliphair itself, I was very happy to find out that they have a colour matching service. As most of you know it’s sometimes tricky when buying stuff online. But with the Cliphair service you can either send them like 3 pictures for matching or a snippet of you hair and post it by free mail. I chose the regular picture sending service (did I mention that all of this is free?) And they matched my hair colour to #9 Ash brown. Ordered them and they arrived the next day (yay!).

Once the extensions arrived they looked very nice. The colour ‘looked’ perfect. But once I put them on I could see a big difference because the extensions were a lot more ‘ashier’ than they looked in the package, they looked like a typical Eastern European ash brown with a grey tint to it. And by that time I couldn’t exchange them anymore, but fortunately all I had to do is to pop into Superdrug and get some coloured conditioner (± £1.50) that would add the needed copper tint to the extensions without damaging them.

The extensions are definitely true to length even a tiny bit longer as you can see in the picture above (Taken after dying it) and the double weft is nice and not too thick. The hair was very thick when it first came, but gradually after wearing it a few times and using spray on heat protection and conditioner the volume went down a bit which actually I’m happy about cause it doesn’t make my head look as big. But then when you wash it and it’s all thick again!

Here are some before and after pictures for you guys. The extensions blend in perfectly with my hair, and I know that with good care I will have them for a long time.

If you guys have any questions regarding hair products, beauty products or circle lenses just leave me a comment! Oh and don’t forget to check out my hairstyle inspiration Tumblr page!