How to: Colour Your Hair Extensions Silver

So you should all know by now that I’m a huge fan of hair extensions. It doesn’t matter about the size or colour, I will find a home for them all.

I wanted to get myself some silver-to-grey hair extensions from Cliphair but, unfortunately, they don’t do those ones in 24 inches yet. In the end, I got myself some hair extensions in the lightest blonde shade so I could play around with some similar colours—more work for me but I get to practice my skills.

Products I used:

If you are colouring your hair extensions at home, I strongly suggest you first wash your wefts a couple of times before applying any kind of chemicals. Very often hair extensions contain a silicone coating to keep the hair soft and shiny, which creates a barrier for colouring. This can either intensify the colour or make the result too weak. After washing, I also recommend doing a strand test because we want to eliminate any chances of the hair extensions not taking to the colour or, worse, turning it green or blue as a result. Just like anyone else, I don’t want to spend a £100 on hair extensions just to ruin them!

Always do a strand test before colouring your hair extensions

To do this, mix some of the dye into a bowl and apply it on one of the smallest clip-in wefts, then follow the manufacturer instructions for development times. Once the dye has set, you can see if the strand test is the right shade and decide whether you want to continue using the dye or not.


I did two strand tests with two different colour options and two very different results. For the first one I used La Riche Directions in silver for 30 mins, which completely toned down the yellow hues of the extensions and left a slightly purple tone behind — close enough to what I need.

The second one I used was Wella Colour Touch 8/81 with 3% developer for 10 minutes, exactly the same colour that I use to freshen up my own grey ombre. The result was pretty shocking as the single weft turned blue! This is why it’s really important to do strand tests before colouring your extensions, even if you are using the same colour that you already use on yourself.


Previously I also had to ombre some hair extensions to make them blend with my own hair. You can find out more by clicking here.