How I Lost Weight Without Being a Slave to Strict Diets

So I always hear from my friends about going on unsuccessful diets and I’ve been there before myself.

I’ve cut out the carbs, squeezed in green veggies, and been on liquid breakfasts, lunches and dinners. None of that helped–I always felt drained of energy and, often, moody because I couldn’t eat my snacks. Worst of all, after you stop these fad diets, all the previously shed weight is going to come back with a vengeance.

I’ve matured a lot since then which means I’m taking a different approach to dieting–this time with the caveat that it has to be more like a small lifestyle rule that is very easy to follow. More importantly, sustainable! Basically, the less calories you consume the greater the weight loss, which is simple science right? The same goes for exercising. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not into starving myself. Quite the opposite. I eat the same way I ate before–just now my portions a little bit smaller. I still love my carbs and my stomach still loves lasagne and pasta dishes. Occasionally I might have a burger (not sorry) but everything is in moderation so on other days I’ll have something fresher and healthier.



Another thing that has benefited the results is going to the gym. I’m notorious for being terrible with exercise but, guys, I can run. Run! And lift weights and all these other movements that I didn’t realise I could do because I was too busy trying to sleep marathons in bed. You know what? I only go there once or twice per week for just 1 hour or more. OK, I’m not a big fan of the treadmill so I do my cardio on the elliptical machine, shooting the difficulty level to 7-12 and exercise for 40 minutes which burns ±400 kcal. Afterwards I’ll try to blend with the meatheads and exercise my butt, legs, torso, back, arms and shoulders. Yes, 1 hour is usually enough because it’s 1 more hour than lazy me could cope with. Start with small, manageable steps and work from there.


At this point, which is about 2 months since I started my little work out routine, I’ve already lost 4 kg without being a slave to strict diets. I still enjoy my delicious hearty meals and still see the scales go down – the main thing is I’m doing this with a smile on my face and I think I can keep this up.


If you are on a diet or planning to go on one, consider this post. Just know that a diet shouldn’t be a one time solution or a quick fix – it’s a long-term, lifestyle choice that you should be able to maintain for a healthier, sexier body which means a happier, sexier you.