Bleaching with Olaplex

Almost all of us have been there—having luxurious dark hair, being happy with our choice, then one day deciding that being blonde is better.

With the help of bleach, we’re happy again. Actually, more than happy, because now we love being blonde! But then comes the breakage and dryness of the hair, so we have to go dark again. It’s normal, we can’t fight it, and we’ll continue to change our minds when it comes to hair colour. I’m no exception.

Last year I was dark, then blonde, then dark again. Now I want to jump onto the ombre bandwagon again! Although is it possible with all that bleaching hidden underneath the healthy ‘looking’ cuticles of my hair? Most stylists would say no, unless you plan on taking time to go through all the stages of your hair colour—from red to orange, then yellow, before you can achieve a shiny silver, which is what I want. Well you know what? You can go from dark to light in one sitting using Olaplex, and I am here to prove it.

“OLAPLEX™ is a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the disulphide sulfur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair coloring and lightening. OLAPLEX™ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens.”

It took me and my friend Craig nearly 7 hours to achieve the look I have today but it was well worth it to get this done in one sitting. To pass the time we sipped wine and started a makeshift karaoke session, while blasting music in the salon after closing hours. Here is the result:


I would like to note that if your hair has been bleached before like mine, then the use of Olaplex to lighten again is not normally recommended. I went into this experiment expecting the worst but hoping for the best, as my mum would say. With that in mind, the procedure was slightly compromised due to the condition of my hair. There were a few signs of breakage and dryness but nothing serious considering bleach was left on my hair for 2 hours, while being remoistened and regularly checking the integrity of my hair.

To get the ombre look after the lightening was done we used:

  • NASHI 30g of 5.12 + 6% developer on the roots
  • NASHI 20 g of 9.11 + 10g of 0.22 + 3% developer on mid-lengths to ends

At home, to freshen up the silver areas, I use Wella Colour Touch 8/81 + 3% developer, the result was more of a pure grey than silver.


If you are contemplating on going light but are really worried about the damage, I would ask for an Olaplex addition to your colour service in your salon. It might not be a guarantee but it could help.