Are Brazilian Blowouts bad for your hair?

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me these two questions: will my hair be straight after a keratin smoothing treatment and is it unhealthy for my hair in the long run?

Well, simply put, in some cases—yes and no to both. It all depends on what smoothing and straightening system is being used. For example the smoothing system that I use does not change the hair structure. This means curly hair will remain curly but with more definition, softness and shine. Although sometimes I notice that naturally wavy hair has a 50/50 chance of becoming straight. I can proudly say that this keratin has not damaged my clients’ hair after repeated treatments every 3 to 5 months, over a 2 year period, the hair just returns to it’s natural state over time.

Many Formaldehyde-laced hair straightening solutions harm the cosmetologist and client. Besides the long-term risk of cancer, Formaldehyde irritates the skin, eyes, nose and throat. It is a potent sensitizer or, in other words, a chemical that can cause allergic reactions such as hives, blisters and asthma after repeated exposure.

I see a lot of home-based “keratin girls” using products such as CocoChoco Professional, which I have tested in the past before finding out that it has been recalled in European Union countries —and should be illegal to buy or use. I was mortified at how easy it is to get them here in U.K. as well. The providers do not request a proof of your hairdressing qualifications, which means that there are a lot of self-trained “specialists” who might not fully understand what they are doing. These stylists risk, not only their own health, but their clients’ health when using products that have a Formaldehyde level that is too high. Their systems have a range of 2.84% to 7% content of Formaldehyde.

In the mean time True Keratin, unlike most other keratin solutions in the industry, does not contain Formaldehyde. It is enchances your natural hair without changing it.

Researching into it, you will find that True Keratin is made entirely from certified organic ingredients such as cacao extracts and keratin amino acids designed to deeply nourish and repair dry, brittle hair from within and not just coat the surface of the hair.

It’s a restorative treatment that effectively deposits and seals essential amino acids into the hair, creating a protection against moisture loss. This instantly smoothes away frizz, restores vibrancy, and adds a luminous shine.

You know what is so great about it? It’s cruelty free! No bunnies were tested on during developement and production, which is why I do not work with any other smoothing systems.